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Video: How to stay out of the comparison trap (and feel great being YOU!)

Have you ever felt like you were kicking career goals like a boss, only to feel deflated when a friend tells you they just got a promotion? Have you headed out lately, feeling like a bit of a minx... until you spotted another girl looking babin'? Were you feeling happy and fabulous as a single gal, only to get a big old pang of loneliness when you see a school mate flashing an engagement ring on Facebook? Maybe you were feeling stoked about getting fitter and stronger - at least until you saw that girl at your gym bust out a set of chin ups...

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Video: How to tell the difference between fear and intuition

Far and away, this is the most common question I am asked by my private clients and the goddesses who join me for my Inner Peace Party events.

Usually it's when they're faced with following a passion or a dream - they might be thinking of taking a trip, starting a business, or changing careers.

What usually happens next is they start to doubt themselves - is this really what I want? Won't I have to sacrifice a lot? What will people think. And they get stuck because they're not sure if this is their intuition telling them that the decision is a bad one OR if it's the inner critic trying to use fear to stop them in their tracks.

If you've ever been confused about whether your intuition or fear is running the show, this week's video will give you the tools to tell which is which...

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Video: How to be a 24/7 abundance magnet

When it comes to manifesting and the Law of Attraction, one of the biggest concerns I hear from my Soul Sisters and private clients is about how difficult it is to manifest or feel positive when they're going through a rough time, or having a crappy day...

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Video: The myth of willpower + my secret to unlimited motivation

When my lovely clients first come to me, they often lament their lack of willpower, blaming it for their on-again-off-again relationship with healthy eating, and practices like meditation and journaling. You've probably said it yourself - 'If only I had more willpower! If only I could be more disciplined! Then I'd be able to get healthy/lose weight/start that career/save money/etc.'

Here's the thing - relying on willpower will get us nowhere fast. It's a limited resource that often runs out (at about 3pm when someone brings treats into your office, am I right?!).

In this video, I'm blowing willpower out of the water - and telling you why you actually don't need it (at all!) to make your most amazing health and life happen. I'll be sharing how you can get motivated by using a force far more powerful than willpower that never gets depleted and that you can tap into any time...

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