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Five game-changing lessons I've learned about growing a successful coaching business

Since I started my business, I've had so many ups and downs. The first year was especially overwhelming and full of hard truths - each with a invaluable lesson that I needed to learn. I've put hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into creating a streamlined and successful business and in today's post I'm sharing some of the things I learned the hard way, so you can learn them the easy way...

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Video: 4 easy ways to boost your money mojo + create abundance in your life

Since starting my business, I've had to become super aware of my mindset around money. I've learned how important it is to stay in an abundance mindset as much as possible and I've seen the huge impact it has on how much I am able to receive. The magic of cultivating this abundance mindset is that, when we feel abundant, we're not getting caught up in stress or anxiety. We are present, trusting and open to abundance not only financially but in every area of our life.

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