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Video: How to cut back on social media

We've all had that moment when we look at the clock on our phone with shock - have I really wasted that much time scrolling through social media!?

It started innocently enough when you picked up your phone to check the time. Then you notice you've got a text. You send off your reply and without skipping a beat, you head over to your favourite social media app. You start scrolling, commenting, and liking. When you're done with that app, you head to the next. You get sucked into a wormhole of cute animal videos or start drooling over indulgent food pics...

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Making Meditation Happen: My top tips!

Meditation is one of those things we all know would do us a tonne of good. It's also one of those things that seems to be bloody hard to turn into a daily habit.

The reason for this is that meditation is the very last thing our inner critic wants us to do because when we meditate, we become better at detaching from that fear driven voice. We're masters of coming up with excuses for not meditating or we just plain forget...

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Video: How to be more focused and creative

Do you sometimes feel like life is going at a million miles an hour?

Do you answer 'How are you?' with 'Busy!'

These days, life seems fuller than ever - there us so much to do, so many places to be, so many balls to keep in the air.

If we're not careful, we can end up in a state of chronic low level stress. This was me a few months ago...

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