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Video: How to stay out of the comparison trap (and feel great being YOU!)

Have you ever felt like you were kicking career goals like a boss, only to feel deflated when a friend tells you they just got a promotion? Have you headed out lately, feeling like a bit of a minx... until you spotted another girl looking babin'? Were you feeling happy and fabulous as a single gal, only to get a big old pang of loneliness when you see a school mate flashing an engagement ring on Facebook? Maybe you were feeling stoked about getting fitter and stronger - at least until you saw that girl at your gym bust out a set of chin ups...

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Video | How to deal with criticism and negativity

We're all faced with criticism and negativity from time-to-time. Several years ago, any criticism would leave me feeling devastated. I believed that I could only feel good about myself if I was liked by everyone and everything I did was perfect. My self worth was totally tied to what others thought of me!

My inner critic would take the smallest criticism or even something totally neutral like a boyfriend saying 'I thought you were going to wear a different top' or a co-worker saying 'I would have done that differently' and run wild, creating a story about how I wasn't good enough or attractive enough or smart enough...

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Video: How to overcome your fears and follow your dreams

Have you got a big idea, a grand vision or a passion that you are desperate to pursue or share with the world?

Chances are, on the other side of that thing that's calling your soul is that dreaded four letter word - fear. And a whole lot of it.

The more we follow our heart, the more we will be called to show up and be who we truly are. The more we will need to trust ourselves and follow our gut. The more we will feel vulnerable. The more fear will rear it's head. In today's video, I'm sharing the most common fears I hear from my big-dreaming clients - and how we can overcome these fears and start making those dreams into reality...

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Video: How to harness the power of intuition

Cultivating a beautiful connection to my intuition has been one of the most life changing things I've ever done. I have so much trust in my inner wisdom and it means that I don't get caught up stressing about other people's opinions or overthinking what I 'should' have done...

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Video: How I learned to forgive and stop taking on other peoples stuff

Forgiveness isn't about letting people who have hurt us off the hook or validating their actions. It's not about making someone see that they we're wrong or punishing them by being cold or mean. The thing is, the only person who is hurt by holding onto old pain or grudges is YOU!

Forgiveness is about giving ourselves permission to stop carrying that hurt around. It's about lightening our load so that we can move on, let it go, and grow. It's about kicking that good-for-nothing victim mentality to the curb and really empowering ourselves to feel as amazing as we want to feel...

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