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Unclear about your direction or purpose? You need to de-clutter these 3 areas...

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Have you ever looked at people who seem to be living a life full of purpose and passion and wondered “how do they know”. How do they know that’s the thing that they want to devote their life to?

Maybe you’re not feeling especially excited about anything in particular – or maybe you have so many passions that you’re struggling to figure out which one to focus on. Either way, here are six ways to get some clarity around the next step or new direction you can take.

1. De-clutter your space

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, indecisive, or blocked, I tidy up my physical environment. We all love the feeling of a good de-clutter and creating physical space does wonders for creating mental space and clarity.

Tackle one room at a time and throw out or donate anything that you’re no longer using or don’t love. Things that you're keeping just because they were a gift, or they were expensive, or you used to love them need to go. When we hold onto material possessions that we don't love, we're coming from a place of lack and fear. We're putting out the vibe that there's not enough of what we desire and totally blocking abundance from flowing into our life. All the things we have but don’t love are taking up room in our lives so that we don’t have the space for things we desire!

De-cluttering is a great place to start when you’re feeling a bit lost about your passion and purpose or blocked about bringing a new idea to life.  As you clear physical space, you start to open up the flow of energy and soon enough, you’ll find more clarity.

2. De-clutter your calendar

Just like our physical space, our calendar needs to be de-cluttered so we can make space for new practices, ideas and interests. When our calendar is full of un-inspiring work commitments and social events that feel obligatory, we’re wasting valuable time and energy – that could be used to find more purpose and direction.

Take a look at your calendar – what is it filled with? Do these activities excite and inspire you? Or do they leave you feeling tired and contracted just thinking about them?

Your new approach: start saying ‘no’ to the invitations that don’t set your world on fire!

I found this happened in my own life years ago when I realised that most of the social events I went to were out of FOMO (fear of missing out) and not because I actually wanted to go. When I listened to my gut, I started saying no…a lot! At first it felt isolating and my inner critic was going crazy with stories about how boring I was or that I was a friendless loser.

But…those nights in I’d turned down an invite to go out drinking (not to mention the mornings after when I woke up fresh and full of energy) gave me a chance to watch documentaries and videos and read books and articles about the things that really interested me. I was saving money that I invested in my health and working with a coach. I had more time for self care, and exercise and more energy for cooking healthy recipes. Gradually I connected with more like-minded people and my business was born – all because I made the space in my calendar for getting in touch with my passions and interests.

3. De-clutter limiting beliefs

We all have pre-conceived ideas about the world and beliefs about our own capabilities. If these beliefs tell us that we’re not good enough, or that we can’t do the things we want to do, they are blocking us from taking steps towards a more purposeful like or career.

Below are some areas to take a look at your own limiting beliefs – I’ve included examples of those sneaky sabotaging inner critic stories to give you an idea of what to look for:

Following your passion:
‘There are already too many people doing what I want to do’
‘I’m not special or unique enough’
‘I’m not good enough’

‘I can’t afford to eat healthily’
‘I don’t have time for exercise’

‘I’m terrible with money’
‘No one makes money doing what they love’

‘I have to go to everything, otherwise my friends won’t like me’
‘All the good guys/girls are taken’

To de-clutter your limiting beliefs, you need to become aware of them and let them go (by journaling, meditation, re-programming thoughts, or with energy healing). Once this is done, you can replace them with empowering beliefs, and then take inspired action that aligns with your passion – not your own self-imposed limits.

Want some extra help to align with your purpose and create a life that you are proud to call yours? Join my group mentoring program or learn more about 1:1 coaching with me here.

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