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Video: 2 quick energy healing techniques to reduce stress

When we talk about energy, some people get scared off by the woo-woo feel of things. I know I was at first! Our inner critic loves to take over and tell us that if we can't see it it's not real (and yet we all believe in wireless internet, right! ;) ).

Whether we are paying attention to it or not, we are all sensitive to energy - in fact, most of us talk about it all the time but instead of saying 'energy' we say 'vibes'. We've all picked up on good vibes when arriving at an event, or in a new country when we're traveling. We've all noticed the stressful vibes that are given off by our friends or family when they're under lots of pressure at work. Lots of us have experienced the peaceful vibes of the beach or a forest.

If you've noticed these things, you might have also noticed how they effected how you were feeling. How about that instant calm you feel when you visit your bestie or grandparents. The blissed out presence of taking your shoes off and putting your feet in the sand at the beach. The wave of peacefulness that washes over you as you step into your favourite yoga studio.

For me, learning to work with and understand energy has been so powerful. It's helped me to release anxiety and insecurities about being loved for who I am. It's helped me get comfortable with being seen and sharing my work. It's helped me move through difficult emotions with much more ease. I've supported my clients to use energy clearing and healing to move on after breakups, open up to more abundance, and drop out of the stess and overthinking.

Today I'm sharing a couple of energy clearing techniques that are super effective but also super quick. Give them a try if you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or just in a bit of a funk. I also use these at the end of my workday, to drop out of work mode and into relax mode....

As always, I'd love to hear your experience with these techniques - share with me in the comments!

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If you know anyone who gets stressed, finds it hard to switch off, or is easily effected by other peoples moods and energy - share this video to give them a helping hand.

Big love,

Xx Amelia