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Video: 3 ways to become present and stop overthinking

Staying present is a huge challenge for a lot of us. In a world where what used to be moments of pause and stillness are now filled with snapchatting/instagram scrolling/texting/emailing/facebook stalking/checking the weather/online shopping/taking a selfie/you get the idea, it's no wonder the present moment is a rarely visited place.

For me, I can tell that I haven't been spending enough time in the present moment when I feel low on energy, unmotivated and scattered. Sometimes it shows up as a wired feeling where I'm multitasking like crazy! I felt like this just recently when I had a couple of weeks of very full on work with long days as I prepped Soul Sister Sessions Online for launch. My partner happened to be away at the time so my biggest external reason for 'switching off' was gone as well! My mind was constantly on what needed doing - whether I was walking the dog, cooking dinner, or hanging out with friends. I know that more time doesn't equal more output and that I was doing myself a disservice by letting my work consume my life. So I took action to become more present.

I ran myself a bath and hopped in with only a good book, candlelight, and my fave essential oils - no phone allowed! I went to a yoga class and I booked myself a massage, knowing that both of these things remove lots of distractions that stop me from being present. In today's video I'm sharing practices that will help you become more present straight away- I started using both of these techniques several times a day by putting up reminder post-its in my office, kitchen, and bathroom.

My stress dissolved, my energy, focus and motivation returned. I was crossing things off my to-do list like crazy!

There are two main reasons to spend as much time in the now as possible:
1. In the present, we're free from anxiety and stress and open to intuition, inspiration, and inner peace
2. The present moment is the only place we have the power to actually take action

So if you find you're stressed, anxious, overthinking, or stuck in a rut, chances are, you're not spending much time in the here and now. If you can't seem to stay motivated, on track, or you're spending way too much time procrastinating, more presence will do you wonders.

Our inner critic loves to keep our mind turning over plans for the future or delving back into the past to create 'stories' that keep us locked in the same old patterns and behaviours. Neither of these things allow us to show up as our best self or to feel calm and motivated to create the life we want.

Have I sold you on presence yet? Here's three ways that you can make it happen now...

As promised, here is where you can find out more about Soul Sister Sessions Online.

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Big love,

Xx Amelia