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Video: The ultimate habit that will keep you calm, focused and productive

There is something about the last couple of months of the year - all of a sudden schedules get fuller, demands get more urgent and our to-do lists get bigger and more overwhelming.

As a result, we start to get stressed, we stop taking time out for ourselves and start trying to keep more balls in the air that we can possible handle. There is only so long that we can keep going at this hectic pace before the cracks start to show - we need coffee to wake up in the morning and a wine to calm down in the evening, anxiety creeps in, we stop sleeping well, we get frustrated with our partner or kids, we're overly emotional, we get sick, and finally, we totally burn out mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Today I'm sharing with you my ultimate way to avoid taking this express train to burn out city. I'll be sharing with you how I use the old faithful to-do list in a totally new way to stay organised, focused and calm.

Since I started applying the strategies I talk about in this video, I am SO much more productive and so much more present. Even though I have more to do, I need less time to do it, which means I get more precious down time.

Have a watch and apply these strategies to your own life and I guarantee you'll find more zen, more ease, and more flow...

Are you ready to get cracking to make that to-do list work for you?

Here are a few reasons this habit will make it easier for you to be more focused and productive:

  • No more decision fatigue - because you've chunked all that decision making together at one time, you don't have to use up your precious mental energy weighing up decisions as you go about your day because past-you has already done the hard work. Days flow better when you know what's in store from a quick glance at your calendar.
  • We effortlessly create healthy habits - if we've got exercise, meal prep and meditation in our calendars, we are far more likely to make those things happen, trust me! I used to find daily meditation difficult to stick with because I'd forget or get 'too busy'. Now I put meditation and mindful breaks into my calendar and thy become snippets of time that I really look forward to, and daily meditation has become something I do naturally.
  • We can see when we're spreading ourselves too thin - and prevent it. I used to have something on every night for weeks at a time and it actually made me a bit flaky because I'd get to a point where I'd just had enough so I'd have to cancel on social catch-ups or events. When I can see how full my days are, it's easier to know when to say 'yes' and 'no' to invitations.
  • Relaxing and switching off becomes way easier! Now, one of the first things I put into my calendar is me time - at least one week night at home to chill out, time for exercise, and chunks of time on the weekend to just do whatever I feel like. Because I know that everything else that needs to happen (chores, work, social commitments, etc.) will fit in around these times, I actually feel much more relaxed than I used to when I'd only take time out when I was desperate for it. Sometimes I move those times around but I never delete them - and I'm so much healthier and happier for it.

As always, I'd love to hear how this exercise works for you! Make sure you check out my other videos on finding ease living a happier, healthier life here.

Remember, you can shoot me an email anytime you have questions or would like to get some extra support.

Big love,

Xx Amelia