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Video: How I learned to forgive and stop taking on other peoples stuff

Forgiveness isn't about letting people who have hurt us off the hook or validating their actions. It's not about making someone see that they we're wrong or punishing them by being cold or mean. The thing is, the only person who is hurt by holding onto old pain or grudges is YOU!

Forgiveness is about giving ourselves permission to stop carrying that hurt around. It's about lightening our load so that we can move on, let it go, and grow. It's about kicking that good-for-nothing victim mentality to the curb and really empowering ourselves to feel as amazing as we want to feel.

Is there someone in your life who hurt you? Maybe a friend who you found out was being nasty behind your back. Maybe you feel like your parents made your life harder than it needed to be. Maybe you felt overshadowed or dragged down by siblings or school mates. Maybe you're holding onto bitterness over being cheated on or lied to by an ex. Maybe your boss belittled you or a colleague undermined you.

Whatever it is, we often blame at least some of our emotional baggage on other people. Our inner critic loves this move because it strips us of our power and keeps us stuck where we've always been, repeating the same old self-sabotaging patterns.

Understanding how to forgive is such a powerful tool to have in your life toolkit - practicing forgiveness will help you lighten your emotional load, and move through difficult situations or relationships with more grace and ease. It will give you a fresh perspective and allow you to practice divine compassion towards yourself and others.

For me, this particular was a massive game-changer and I'm super excited to share it with you...

Share in the comments - what will forgiveness allow you to let go of?

Big love,

Xx Amelia

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