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Video: How to harness the power of intuition

Cultivating a beautiful connection to my intuition has been one of the most life changing things I've ever done. I have so much trust in my inner wisdom and it means that I don't get caught up stressing about other people's opinions or overthinking what I 'should' have done.

Trusting my gut allows me to flow with life. I used to spend hours writing up strict meal plans and exercise regimes for myself because I didn't trust myself to make the right decisions in the moment. I would say yes to every social event because I didn't want to miss out - even if I really just wanted to stay home and watch a movie.

Before I started to understand how to tune into my intuition, I really had no idea who I was or what I valued. I was so indecisive and anxious! Other people had total influence over my decisions and I was so caught up with seeking approval from others - whether it was my friends, parents, teachers, or a random person on the street!

Becoming more intuitive has made me feel inspired, worthy, and stop caring what other people think. The other day, after I spoke about goal setting and intuition at an event, someone came up to me and said, 'You're so brave to talk about those things! It's so different to the approach that most people have!'. The truth was, being 'brave' hadn't even crossed my mind! I simply stood up there, trusted my intuition, and spoke my truth.

Intuition is such a key ingredient in a peaceful and inspired existence and today's video is all about how to start to tune in and harness the power of yours...

Share this video around and give everyone a chance to connect with their beautiful intuition!

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Big love,

Xx Amelia

P.S. If you have trouble trusting your intuition because your inner critic is an overpowering kinda guy, I'd love to help you find more inner peace and intuitive connection - read about how we can work together here.