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Video | How to deal with criticism and negativity

We're all faced with criticism and negativity from time-to-time. Several years ago, any criticism would leave me feeling devastated. I believed that I could only feel good about myself if I was liked by everyone and everything I did was perfect. My self worth was totally tied to what others thought of me!

My inner critic would take the smallest criticism or even something totally neutral like a boyfriend saying 'I thought you were going to wear a different top' or a co-worker saying 'I would have done that differently' and run wild, creating a story about how I wasn't good enough or attractive enough or smart enough.

If you find that you're easily effected by what other people think or say about you, you'll know where I'm coming from! And you'll know what an emotional roller coaster it is to have your self worth in other people's hands.

When I took my self worth back into my own hands and really got to know myself and understand my values, I started not giving a damn what people thought of me. I live my life based on what feels right to ME, rather than trying to live up to other peoples expectations. While I still occasionally get effected by negativity or criticism, I know how to deal with it and it's water off a ducks back.

In today's video, I'm sharing some tips and tricks to help you avoid getting tripped up by and criticism or negativity that you might experience...

So you've got everything in writing:

:: Remember that any criticism or negativity that's thrown your way has far less to do with you than it does with the person throwing it your way. Our critics are often in a shitty place themselves - happy, authentic, fulfilled people don't feel the need to make others feel crappy. With the understanding that our critics are having a hard time on some level, we can be compassionate towards them and soften instead of fighting them.

:: Don't let another person's inner critic spark yours into action. Take a breath, let that hot-headed or self-deflating reaction dies down and respond as your best self - calmly and respectfully.

:: By being your best self, you inspire others to be their best. Next time you're criticised or faced with negativity, as yourself "How can I respond in a way that helps them be their best self?".

I can't stress enough how powerful this kind of approach is. I've transformed some seriously difficult relationships in my own life by seeing negativity for what it is - a person in need of a little support to reconnect with their most awesome self.

Big love,

Xx Amelia


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