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Video: How to Deal with Setbacks

So you're coasting along feeling great about your new meditation practice, healthy eating, or exercise routine. Maybe you're moving through a transition - a break up, a move, a new job - and you've been feel good and pretty on top of things. fall off the wagon, hard. You work yourself into a spiral of anxiety stalking your ex on social media. You go to town on junk food after a stressful day. You get totally hammered and wake up cringing at the things you did and said. You pick a fight with your partner, lash out at your mum, don't get to the gym for a week.

And your inner critic goes bonkers.

You're frustrated with yourself because you we're doing so dang well before this! You're kicking yourself because you thought that you had let this stuff go! You feel like you've regressed - like you've taken one step forward and two steps back.

Why can't you stick to anything? Why can't you feel happier? It's a negative self talk feeding frenzy and those thoughts are doing their best to gobble up any feeling of confidence or self love that you had been cultivating.

But here's the thing: setbacks are part of life. You will never do anything without having at least one setback.

So how do we deal with them? Why is it important for us to experience them? And how can we move through them with ease and grace and gently get back on track?

For the answers, have a watch....

Share with me in the comments - have you been beating yourself up for having a setback or not being able to be consistent? Will this new approach help you?

So many of my private clients come to me when they're feeling like they're banging their head against a wall trying to make changes or going through a transition in their life. If you're in the same boat and you'd love some help moving through this stage with less inner critic and more inner peace - drop me a line here or find out more about working with me here.

Big love,

Xx Amelia