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Video | How to detach from your inner critic

We all have times when our inner critic hops into the drivers seat and starts to run the show. I know mine does! After launching my new coaching programs, it piped up super loudly and I went from excited to fearful in a matter of moments. 'There's no way you'll fill all the spots', 'You need to offer shorter/longer programs because X is', 'You shouldn't offer early bird bonuses' etc. etc.

Every time I take a step forward in my life or biz, I notice that my inner critic gets super loud - almost as if it senses me growing and evolving so it turns up the volume in the hopes of bringing all that goodness to a halt.

Thankfully, I've got some pretty great tools in my kit when it comes to gently detaching from that nasty voice, and reconnecting with my truth, my passion and my trust. Today I've got two amazing tips to help you detach from your inner critic...

Here are the steps:

1. The biggest step to mastering that inner critic of yours is awareness! To start building that awareness, begin to write down what your inner critic says to you. I share a heap of examples of 'inner critic talk' in the video.

Remember - the inner critic is the voice of fear. It's the voice that tries to keep you in the same old patterns, stuck in the same place.

2. Start to see inner critic chatter as a signpost, a little alert saying 'Hey, it's time to reconnect to your heart.' We all get caught up in what our inner critic is saying from time to time (...all the time!) so start to reframe those moments as opportunities to shine your awareness on that voice and gently reconnect to the voice of your heart, and soul - your intuition.

I'd love you to share some examples of your inner critic piping up in the comments - it might just help someone else shine a light on a sneaky way they're being kept small and stuck.

Xx Amelia