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Video: How to stay out of the comparison trap (and feel great being YOU!)

Have you ever felt like you were kicking career goals like a boss, only to feel deflated when a friend tells you they just got a promotion? Have you headed out lately, feeling like a bit of a minx... until you spotted another girl looking babin'? Were you feeling happy and fabulous as a single gal, only to get a big old pang of loneliness when you see a school mate flashing an engagement ring on Facebook? Maybe you were feeling stoked about getting fitter and stronger - at least until you saw that girl at your gym bust out a set of chin ups!

Putting it simply, comparison is how our inner critic loves to rain on our parade and rob us of our confidence in two seconds flat. Suddenly, we feel like we're not good enough. That self-defeating voice in our head cranks the volumes and before long we're feeling useless, unworthy, and ready to throw in the towel. Especially since the introduction of social media, we are literally bombarded with opportunities to compare ourselves in pretty much every waking moment.

If we don't know how to notice and tame comparison, we start to battle with low self esteem, and crippling insecurity. Life become exhausting as wechase our tail trying to be 'perfect' or 'good enough' (just FYI, you are already both!).

If you're over the ickyness that comes from constantly comparing yourself and losing your confidence and motivation as a result, today's video will give you some tips on staying out of the comparison trap - so you can use your energy for more fulfilling and uplifting activities!

My comparison-busting tips:

- Don't compare and feel defeated...instead, notice, admire, and be inspired - the Universe is trying to show you that what you want is 100% possible. Now all you have to do is make it happen!

- Get back in touch with what feels right to YOU. Question your motives - are you acting because you want external validation in the form of material possessions, money, fame, admiration, and so on? Or are you acting because it feels right to you? Let the latter be your barometer and life will flow. Watch this video for my tips on becoming more intuitive and this video for my tips on telling the difference between intuition and fear.

- Comparison drops away when you focus on what you're doing, rather than what others are doing - whether it's in their business, life, relationships, career etc. It's also a sneaky form of procrastination that the inner critic uses to sabotage us. Use the moments of comparison as little reminders to refocus on making your dreams happen in a way that feels good to you.

Bonus tip: comparison pops up when we're feeling less-than-amazing so if you suffer from comparisons, take it as a nudge to up your self care ;)

Do you suffer from chronic comparison? Or have a great way you stay out of the comparison trap? Share away in the comments!

Big Love,

Xx Amelia