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Video | How to stop procrastinating

The procrastination fairy casts her spell on all of us sometimes - and it seems like every day technology gives us another way to procrastinate!

To kick procrastination's butt, we need to train our brain to be able to focus in on one thing at a time instead of constantly searching for higher levels of stimulation. Why? Because not only do we get more done, but it keeps our stress levels way down! If you're someone who gets anxious or overwhelmed, it's likely your brain craves a too-high level of stimulation - ie. checking your phone while watching TV or having the urge to look at Instagram mid convo.

Here's how you can bring things back into balance so you can stop procrastinating and get that laser sharp focus happening:

My recent holiday really taught me the importance of switching off and spending time being unplugged and present. It's a whole new level of relaxation and I even saw physical benefits like clearer skin, better sleep, and a happier tummy. It also taught me that the world doesn't stop if we don't instantly reply to emails or social media comments or if we're not reachable 24/7 (duh, I know!).

Another thing I do that really helps me let go of procrastinating is to schedule my week. On Monday mornings, I write a list all the things I need to get done - this could be seeing clients, meetings, blogging, social media, meal prep, exercise, meditation, social engagements, lunch breaks everything! I (now) schedule switch off days as well! I break each item down into actionable steps (this is KEY!) and put each of these into my digital calendar.

It's much harder to procrastinate when we're working within a smaller time frame and we don't have to figure out what we're doing (by looking at a huge, overwhelming to-do list!). For the rest of my week, I sit down, open up my calendar and use it to run my day. (Side note: I'm totally open to being flexible with certain things and I move things around if I need to!). Since I started doing this, I am SO much less stressed, an SO much more productive with my time.

To break it down, here's how we're kicking procrastination to the curb:

1. Practice being present by spending time away from technology. Try and dedicate at least an hour to this a day and a whole day on the weekend.
2. Schedule your week to prevent overwhelm and help you get shiz done like a pro.

Dr. John Gray has written an awesome book that's a must read for any procrastinators - it's called Staying Focused in a Hyper World and you can check it out here.

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lots of love,

Xx Amelia

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