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Video: Is self love selfish?

For lots of us, we've grown up in a society or family environment that champions self sacrifice. Putting others before ourselves is celebrated as a virtue, and people pleasing (at the expense of our own wellness and sanity!) is the norm.

Self love is the exact opposite of these things. It's about putting yourself first, making feeling good your number one priority, setting boundaries, and saying 'no'. We know that it's something that will help us to feel happier, more peaceful, and more motivated but....isn't self love kinda selfish?

I'm very excited to share my thoughts on this with you today - have a watch...

In case you missed it or need it in writing - no, self love is not selfish.

It's almost as though our definition of the word 'selfish' has gone a bit funky. To be selfish is to deliberately do something that will hurt another person, in order to benefit yourself. have a night in, making healthy eating and exercising a priority, respecting the energy of your moon cycle, and doing what you love don't hurt anyone else - in fact, they benefit others because they allow us to be our best.

When we practice self love, we are gentle with ourselves. We're compassionate and kind - and until we practice these things with ourselves, it's really hard for us to practice them with other people.

Self love allows us to show up as our best, most generous, most open-hearted selves. It gives the people in our lives permission to their happiness, and health first as well. It allows us to give in a way that energises, instead of depletes us.

Share this video with the self-sacrificing, always-put-everyone-else-first people in your life and give them that beautiful nudge to prioritise their own happiness and fulfillment.

Big love,

Xx Amelia