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Video: Letting go of guilt...

Learning how to work with and move through guilt is a million percent essential to amazing self esteem and self worth.

Guilt seems to be a feeling that a whole lot of us deal with ALL THE TIME. From my experience, guilt is a go-to emotion for most women, mainly because we expect ourselves to keep so many freaking balls in the air all the time!

We are constantly putting the pressure on to have successful careers, live a healthy and active lifestyle, be amazing girlfriends/wives, keep up an exciting social life, look stylish, have a clean house, be super mums/daughters/granddaughters/sisters, cook everything from scratch, etc, etc and to make it all look effortless.

The minute we feel like we're not showing up as our best in one area, hello guilt! Our inner critic loves guilt because it can turn guilt into shame - that's when we go from 'I stuffed up/could have done better' to 'I'm a failure/terrible mum/crap girlfriend/etc and I always will be'.

Guilt is an emotion, just like happiness, sadness, frustration, or joy. To let it move through us, we must feel it - this is the opposite of allowing our inner critic to turn it into self-esteem-destroying, self-worth-plummeting shame.

In this video I'm sharing how to let go of that rather sneaky guilt...

Share in the comments - when does guilt show up for you? Knowing when to look out for guilt will give you a better chance of feeling it and letting it go.

Moving away from guilt, shame, and self sabotage is something I work through with my private coaching clients, guiding them back towards overflowing self esteem, unlimited motivation, and blissful emotional balance. If this video resonated with you and you'd like to know more about working with me, click here.

Big love,

Xx Amelia