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Video: My secret to finding time for self care every day

Self care - we all know we should be doing it, right? We know it'll make us feel great and help us show up as our best selves but geez, it's hard to fit it into an already busy life! And honestly, where do we begin? Self care can be so many things and it can be hard to figure out which version of self care is going to be right for us.

Firstly, let's take the 'I'm too busy' excuse off the table. Self care, when done right, will buy you time because you'll be more focused, present, and feel more energised.  (If you're feeling any resistance to this idea or your inner critic has a hundred reasons why you can't look after yourself as much as you need, watch this video.)

In today's video, I share my self care secret of having an anchor for your self care practice. This anchor becomes what each act of self care takes you closer too. It makes decision making easy as pie and even turns some things you'd be doing anyway into more intentional acts of self care.

When we use this approach, we reframe self care from a 'should' (ie. fear driven behaviour) to something done out of LOVE that supports us to be our best with ease.

Have a watch and find out what I anchor my self care around, and how you can stay effotlessly motivated to make self care happen...

Your action steps:

1. Choose an anchor for your self care practice
Is it a great night's sleep, a more positive outlook, more focus during the day, or decreased stress. Anything you're working towards or craving is great. Don't get too caught up on this step - just go with your gut. Remember you can change your anchor anytime!

2. Form your anchor into a question
For example 'What choices can I make today that will support me to get a great night's sleep?' or 'What can I do today that will decrease my stress levels?'. Put this where you'll see it or pop it in your phone as a reminder to help you easily make decisions that benefit your self care.

3. Start small
There's no need to overhaul everything at once and try and include a tonne of new self care practices - this kind of approach can leave us overwhelmed and less likely to create easy habits. Try doing one or two things as acts of self care each day - when those become second nature, add more in.

Share this post with anyone who could use a little permission to take amazing care of themselves!

Big love,

Xx Amelia