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Video: The number one way to deal with your inner critic


When I ask my tribe over on Instagram or in my Happy Healthy Ease Facebook Group what they struggle with the most, 'my inner critic' is by far the most common response.

Lot's of us don't know where to begin to start dealing with our inner critic - it's no surprise really when we've spent years of our life either battling against it or just flat out buying into it's negative self talk.

When we let our inner critic run the show, we are motivated by fear of things we don't want. We get stuck doing the same old things, getting the same old results. When we learn skills for dealing with our inner critic, life just flows. We are able to hear our intuition, to stop putting pressure on ourselves and stop relying on willpower to make changes (watch my vid about the myth of willpower here).

My inner critic used to be the only inner voice I listened to. When it told me 'You're not thin enough' I would follow strict diets or, worse, make myself sick after I ate. When it told me 'You're not special enough' I put up with crappy relationships and friends treated me like a doormat. When it told me 'You need to be right' I would play the victim and blame everyone else for my life not being 'perfect'. When it said 'You need to fit in to be liked' I would do whatever it took to appear 'cool' and give in to social pressure.

I had absolutely no idea who I was or what I wanted. I felt totally disempowered and small. As much as I tried to make changes, it was always one step forward, two steps back.

When I started to understand that I was living from a place of fear and that I had an inner critic hell bent on keeping me small and stuck, it was like a light had finally been shone into my sad, confused mind.

I started to listen to the other voice inside me - my intuition. I started practicing self acceptance, self care, and self love. I started living from a place of love for myself instead of fear of not being good enough and it felt great.

Learning to deal with my sneaky inner critic means that eating well, exercising and looking after myself now come naturally. I have an ever-deepening sense of self and an uplifting spiritual connection. I feel emotionally balanced and I have healthy self esteem. I spend my days doing what I love and enjoy relationships that inspire me to be myself.

I sometimes get caught up in negative self talk, judging, and comparison - of course, we all do! But I've learned how to see my inner critic playing a role in all of those things and to gently tell it 'Thanks, but no thanks!' and come back to my heart. And my goodness, it feels freaking great.

In this video, I'm sharing my number one way to start taking the power back from your inner critic so that you can live a more joyful and heart-lead life too...

Are you ready to let your inner critic run the show? Are you ready to amp up your self awareness?

Let's be honest, we all are! Make sure you share this video to spread the word :)

If your inner critic is something you struggle with, I can help - in fact, I've helped hundreds of women learn to take the reigns back from their inner critic and learn to follow their intuition and heart to a life that feel amazing. Click here to find out how I can support you as well.

Big love,

Xx Amelia