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Video: Self Care in the Silly Season

I really love this time of year - in Australia, the Silly Season means hot weather, sunshine and heaps of fun social events. I used to find this time of year super stressful - I'd drag myself to events that I didn't really want to go to, I'd battle the Christmas shopping crowds, my bank account would take a beating and all those glasses of bubbly and indulgent food would leave my health lackluster.

It's the time of year that schedules start to burst at the seams and there's something on every evening and all weekend. It's the time of year that it's all too easy to spread ourselves thinly. It's the time of year when our to-do lists take up pages and pages with all the things we want to get done before the Christmas break.

It's the time of year that we can start to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted by all these things that are meant to be fun and exciting - think about all those times you've dreaded a Christmas party or a family event! This happens because as our schedules fill with silly season catch-ups, down-time and self care slip off our radar.

How I learned to enjoy every moment of the Silly Season is by making self care a priority (I also make an effort to be super organised - watch this video if you'd like to know how I do it).

Practicing self care in the times when we are busy and stressed is so important if we don't want to fall in a heap emotionally or get sick. Practicing self care makes it possible for us to stay more mindful and present and actually enjoy every moment of the festive season.

In this video, I'm letting you in on my secrets to self care in the silly season...

I hope these tips make your Silly Season totally blissful and fun - share this video with anyone who you think could use a little self care in their schedule.

Big love,

Xx Amelia