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Video: What your self doubt is telling you...

Our inner critic has a fun little game it likes to play where it paralyses us with self doubt. If you've ever experienced self doubt, you'll know that this game isn't even the tiniest bit fun. Self doubt is frustrating and defeating - it just plain sucks.

But...if we're wanting to live an inspired life and dream big juicy dreams, self doubt is coming along for the ride.

Self doubt becomes self sabotage (or as I like to say, inner critic sabotage) when we let it take the wheel, pop on it's favourite road trip tunes, and take regular stop offs in our past to old, over-visited (and frankly, kinda boring!) limiting beliefs. We self sabotage when we look at these beliefs and stories, decide they are true, hop back in the car, and ask self doubt to take us back to where we've always been, doing what we've always done.

What we need to do, is learn how to make sure self doubt sits quietly in the back seat - and that as soon as it pipes up, or reaches for the radio, we catch it and gently remind it to keep to itself.

Learning how to work with self doubt has allowed me to trust my gut and intuition and plug in to my purpose. If I'd given in to self doubt, I would have sabotaged my beautiful relationship, never created this blog, or the Soul Sister Sessions, never travelled to amazing places all over the world, and so on.

To put it bluntly, being consumed by self doubt leads to a very boring, uninspiring, and joy-less life. So here's how to make sure that doesn't happen...

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