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Video: The myth of willpower + my secret to unlimited motivation

When my lovely clients first come to me, they often lament their lack of willpower, blaming it for their on-again-off-again relationship with healthy eating, and practices like meditation and journaling. You've probably said it yourself - 'If only I had more willpower! If only I could be more disciplined! Then I'd be able to get healthy/lose weight/start that career/save money/etc.'

Here's the thing - relying on willpower will get us nowhere fast. It's a limited resource that often runs out (at about 3pm when someone brings treats into your office, am I right?!).

In this video, I'm blowing willpower out of the water - and telling you why you actually don't need it (at all!) to make your most amazing health and life happen. I'll be sharing how you can get motivated by using a force far more powerful than willpower that never gets depleted and that you can tap into any time.

For me, this shift in perspective changed everything - it helped me let go of binge eating and it gave me endless energy and passion for looking after myself, enjoying great relationships, and pursuing a career that truly fulfills me!

These tips and tactics will help you head into the new year in a whole new way. It'll make you rethink your resolutions and take action that feels truly fulfilling and supportive for you.

Have a watch...

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