Amelia Harvey
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In the one-off session we can transform an area of your life where you're currently feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unhappy.

The One-off Session includes
75 minute session via phone or Skype
Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire
Tailored action plan
Resources and recommendations

In the one-off session we can cover one of the following areas:
- Identifying the inner critic and causes of self sabotage
- Identifying subconscious blockages and limiting beliefs
- Self love practices and increasing self worth
- Bringing your big idea into focus and taking inspired action to make it happen
- Navigating a time of change or a life transition with ease and grace
- Improving motivation and focus
- Improving a relationship
- Strengthening your intuition
- Introduce mindfulness, supportive routines, and find balance

The One-off Session cost is $290

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