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EXHALE Guided Mindfulness Meditations

EXHALE Guided Mindfulness Meditations


EXHALE Guided Mindfulness meditations is the ultimate collection of meditations to help you let go of stress and anxiety and find focus and peace.

From short meditations to help you find calm and refocus on busy days, to meditations to support you to clear your mind and set intentions, to long meditations for deep relaxation and peaceful sleep, the Exhale Guided Meditations use evidence-based mindfulness techniques to train your mind to be present and calm. 

EXHALE Guided Mindfulness Meditations: 
| 5 Minute Calming Breath
2 | 6 Minute Refocus
3 | 8 Minute Relaxation
4 | 8 Minute Energising
5 | 12 Minute Clear Mind + De-stress
6 | 12 Minute Let Go + Switch Off
7 | 17 Minute Intention Meditation
8 | 20 Minute Relaxing Visualisation
9 | 25 Minute Deep Body Relaxation
10 | 25 Minute Deep Sleep Meditation

Once purchased, you will sent a link to begin download of your meditations.

This link expires in 24 hours so download as soon as your receive the email. 

To add the meditations to your phone or device, download on your computer or laptop and add the files to iTunes or equivalent. 

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