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From the Heart // Journaling Guide

From the Heart // Journaling Guide


Journaling is an incredibly powerful practice.

It opens communication with our intuition.

It teaches us to trust ourselves.

It opens us up to self love.

It points us towards our purpose.

It helps us release blocks that are holding us back from getting the relationship, career, money or life that we want.

It's also something many of us have resistance towards.

If you've ever felt like journaling is just too hard, not for you, or that you just don't have time, From the Heart is for you.

If you're already a journaling convert, From the Heart will help you deepen your journaling practice and crack you open in the most beautiful way.

From the Heart is full of tips and tricks for getting started with journaling and sticking to it. It's jam packed with over 120 journal prompts and questions to guide you towards clarity and inner peace.

From the Heart will help you dive deep, covering
// Getting clear on where you are
// Finding clairty on where you want to go
// Getting in touch with your intution
// Discovering self love
// Finding emotional balance
// Eating with love and healing your relationship with food
// Falling in love with your body
// Manifesting your dreams and desires

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