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Meditations for Soul Growth

Meditations for Soul Growth


Twelve guided meditations set to relaxing music to help you supercharge your soul growth, uplift your heart, get clarity around your direction and purpose, and experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Perfect for creating a daily meditation habit - select a 5-10 minute meditation for a morning practice and use the longer meditations for deep diving soul reflection.

Track List:

  1. Quick De-stress Meditation (5 mins)

  2. Self Awareness Meditation (6 mins)

  3. Self Compassion Meditation (7 mins)

  4. Gratitude Meditation (10 mins)

  5. Intention Meditation (10 mins)

  6. Becoming Intuitive Meditation (10 mins)

  7. Manifestation Meditation (10 mins)

  8. Visualise Your Goals Meditation (10 mins)

  9. Emotional Processing Meditation (12 mins)

  10. Nurture and Restore Meditation (18 mins)

  11. Inner Knowing Activation Meditation (22 mins)

  12. Future Self Meditation (23 mins)

    > Meditation files can only be downloaded on laptops or computers.

    > To upload the meditations to your phone or device, add them to iTunes or equivalent program/app after downloading.

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