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The Soul Sisterhood is my online group mentoring membership for open-hearted women ready to uncover their truest and best self, and create a life that feels amazing.


The Soul Sisterhood is my online group mentoring membership for open-hearted women ready to uncover their truest and best self, and create a life that feels amazing. A place where you can connect, share, and learn - a place where you can be YOU. It's like all the self-help books and personal development workshops, plus individual coaching rolled into one. 

Think of your Soul Sisters as your like-minded besties. They're right there beside you as you take the steps towards a life full of love, purpose, and authenticity. They're your biggest cheerleaders, your tribe, your sounding board and they just get you. 

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Here's just a few things you can expect to  in the Soul Sisterhood:

  • Taming your inner critic and letting go of self doubt
  • Becoming more intuitive 
  • Being your most authentic self
  • Uncovering your purpose and passion
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices 
  • Manifesting abundance with ease
  • Awakening your femininity and inner goddess
  • Falling in love with your moon cycle
  • Switching off from anxiety, self-doubt and fear
  • Creating amazing confidence
  • Crafting self care routines and rituals 
  • Attracting soulful relationships 
  • Goal setting with soul
  • + you'll have the chance to request topics and workshop your specific situations and questions with Amelia every month
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As a Soul Sister, you'll have exclusive access to:
:: Monthly group mentoring calls - ask Amelia anything and everything
:: Soul Sisterhood online hub + ever growing resource library
:: Members only Soul Sisterhood Facebook group
:: Monthly masterclasses and workbooks
:: Weekly live mini-masterclasses
:: Two new meditations each month
:: Full Moon and New Moon oracle card readings
:: Amelia's complete existing library of soulful meditations, guides and tools
:: Soulful discussions and connection with like-minded Soul Sisters
:: Resources, tips, and recommendations
:: All for just $27 a month!*

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February 2018: Manifesting Magic
- Get clear on your goals and passion and map out how to make them happen, align yourself with your desires to manifest magic!

March 2018: From Inner Critic to Intuition
- Tame your inner critic and let go of self sabotage + self doubt. Techniques to supercharge your intuition and tune into your inner knowing. 

April 2018: Supercharged Self Love
- Embodying self love, practices to amplify self love and let go of self doubt, comparison and perfectionism.

May 2018: Embracing your Inner Goddess
- Embracing your femininity, becoming magnetic to your partner, unlocking the secrets of your moon cycle.

June 2018: Emotional Peace
- Understanding emotions, emotional processing and release techniques, rituals for emotional peace.

July 2018: Raise your Vibe
- Energetic grounding, shielding, and balancing, chakra 101,   crystals and energetic meditation.

August 2018: Conscious Connections
- Calling in your soul mates and soul sisters, healing and releasing relationships, creating deep love and connection.

September 2018: Divine Self Care
- Self care routines and rituals, receiving help and support, eating and moving for soul nourishment 

October 2018: Attracting Abundance
- Understanding and re-writing your money story, manifesting money, aligning with an energy of abundance

November 2018: Topic announced soon!
December 2018: Topic announced soon!


I've been mentoring groups of amazing women just like you, since 2014 - see what some of the Soul Sisters have to say about their Experience....


The Soul Sisterhood Membership is the most affordable way to work with me to date at just $27 a month* (increasing to $49/month on June 1st, 2018!) for ongoing mentoring, guidance, and support.

More than just a subscription to a beautiful online hub and community, this is an investment in your growth - an investment in being your best self and living he life of your dreams. And, if you every decide you want to leave, you can do so at any time, no questions asked. 

You'll have 24/7 access to the members hub and Facebook community and because it's all online, you'll be able to be part of the Sisterhood from anywhere in the world. 

*$27 per month membership available until May 31st 2018 only!

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