Amelia Harvey

Soul Sisterhood July 2018


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Hi gorgeous! Welcome to your month of Raising Your Vibe!

This month you'll discover how to tune into and work with your personal energy field, you'll learn how to ground, shield, clear, and balance your energy, and how to align and balance your chakras so you can heal on an energetic level and manifest your dream life.   

Remember to share your insights and join the discussion in the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group! If you have any questions about what you learn this month or specific situations that you'd like some insight on, click here to ask away and I'll share my answer in our monthly Facebook Live Q&A.

Xx Amelia


Raise Your Vibe Masterclass


Click the images below to download the 4 audio components of the Raise Your Vibe Masterclass and the Workbook. 

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Raise Your Vibe Meditation


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