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How can I make the most of my Soul Sisterhood membership?
On the first on each month, you'll receive a welcome email for the new topic of the month. Simply click the link in this email and you'll be taken to a page all of the resources from the month. You'll also be able to access the new month of content from the main members area page. Now you can download the masterclass audio and workbook and the meditations for the month. To make sure you're staying up to date, put aside 1-2 hours in the first week of every month to complete the Masterclass and Workbook and a daily meditation time slot into your diary.

On the same page, you'll find a monthly schedule for the oracle card readings, live Q&A session, and mini masterclasses that will happen in the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group. Pop these dates in your diary and be sure to pop into the group on these days.

Like most things in life, the more you put into The Soul Sisterhood, the more you'll get out of it. Be an active member of the the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group by introducing yourself, sharing wins, struggles, tips, and recommendations, and engaging when your fellow Soul Sisters share and in the discussion points raised by Amelia. 

What content do we get each month?
:: Monthly Facebook Live Q&A - ask Amelia anything and everything
:: Soul Sisterhood online hub + ever growing resource library
:: Members only Soul Sisterhood Facebook group
:: Monthly masterclass and workbook
:: Three Facebook Live Mini-Masterclasses
:: Two new meditations
:: Full Moon and New Moon oracle card readings
:: Soulful discussions and connection with like-minded Soul Sisters
:: Resources, tips, and recommendations

How do I access the content?
All of the content for each month can be accessed from clicking that month's image on the members area page and in the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group.

How can I access the mediations and masterclasses from my phone or tablet?
Click 'download' on the audio player and then add the meditation/masterclass to iTunes or equivalent and it will be synced to your device so you can listen anywhere, even if you don't have internet access. 

Can I request topics or content?
Certainly! Use the 'ask a question' form here. 

How do I submit a question for the monthly Facebook Live Q+A session? Can I submit anonymously?
Use the 'ask a question' form here. Simply enter the 'Anon' as the name if you'd prefer to keep things private. 

Where do I find extra meditations and resources?
In the Soul Sisterhood Resource Library, here.

I can't find the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group - how do I join?
Email with the email associated with your Facebook account and you'll be sent an invite.

How do I know what's happening in the Facebook group?
On the topic page for each month, you'll find the monthly schedule for the oracle card readings, live Q&A session, and mini masterclasses that will happen in the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group. This schedule will also be sent in your monthly email and added to the Soul Sisterhood Facebook group on the first of each month. 

Can I access content from previous months?
Yes - for as long as you're a member of The Soul Sisterhood, you'll have access to all the content. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to content. 

How do I update my membership details like email, credit card details, or name?
Do this by clicking the 'My Membership' tab at the bottom right hand corder of the screen when you're logged in. If you get stuck or have further questions, email 

More questions? Ask away here.